Subject Evaluation

Subject evaluation can be applied to individual study programs or to clusters of related programs.

ZEvA has long-term experience in evaluating subjects and programs from all fields, such as

•    Sciences
•    Humanities
•    Social Sciences
•    Engineering Science
•    Business and Economics
•    Education
•    Teacher Training
•    Arts and Music

Like other forms of evaluation, subject evaluation consists of multiple stages and requires the participation of external reviewers (peers).

At the end of the procedure, the evaluation results are documented in a written evaluation report which also includes recommendations for the further development of the evaluated institution. If required, ZEvA can assist the institution in implementing the proposed measures by conducting a follow-up procedure.

If a program has been evaluated before, the results of the first evaluation must be taken into consideration during reevaluation.

ZEvA has published the results of all evaluations conducted to date.