The ZEvA Commission (ZEKo)

The ZEvA-Commission (ZEKo) handles national programme and systems accreditations and certifications as well as international quality assurance procedures in higher education, such as accreditations, audits, evaluations, certifications etc. Different stakeholder groups (academia, quality assurance, professionals, students) are represented in the commission, which unites special expertise in external quality assurance and sound international experience.
The ZEKo takes the final decision in all international accreditation, audit, evaluation and certification procedures. Furthermore, the members of the commission contribute to the development of guidelines and manuals and function as consultants to the ZEvA staff in all international matters.
The Commission comprises 20 members:

  • The academic director of ZEvA as head of the commission
  • eight representatives of universities and universities of applied sciences from four different areas of study (humanities and cultural studies; mathematics and natural sciences; engineering; economic, social and legal sciences)
  • three representatives of different areas of study at universities of applied sciences (economic and social sciences; engineering and architecture, natural and life sciences)
  • two representatives of the areas of fine arts, design and music
  • two representatives of quality management in higher education
  • two representatives of professional practice, representing both employers and employees
  • two student representatives from universities and universities of applied sciences


The meetings of the commission are arranged according to the schedules of the external reviews. The commission meets 4 times per year, in February, April/May, July and November.


    Composition of the ZEvA Commission (ZEKo) for the period 2018 - 2020

    Engineering Prof. Dr. Manfred Hampe (TU Darmstadt)
    Mathematics and Natural Sciences Prof. Dr. Georg Thomas Groth (Uni Düsseldorf)
    Legal Economic and Social Sciences Prof. Dr. Klaus Schäfer (Uni Bayreuth)
    Humanities and Cultural Studies Prof. Dr. Charlotte Schubert (Uni Leipzig)
    Universities of Applied Sciences  
    Engineering and Architecture Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Schmehmann (HS Osnabrück)
    Economic and Social Sciences Prof. Dr. Gustav Rückemann (SRH HS Heidelberg)
    Natural and Life Sciences Prof. Dr. Asta Richter (TH Wildau)
    Fine Arts, Design and Music  
    Music Prof. Dr. Marianne Betz (HMT Leipzig)
    Fine Arts and Design Prof. Martina Glomb (HS Hannover)
    Professional Practice  
      Dr. Anke-Peggy Holtorf (Health Outcomes Strategies GmbH)
      Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schöler (Deutscher Bundestag)
    Quality Assurance in Higher Education  
      Prof. Dr. Madalena Pires da Fonseca (Agência de Avaliacao do Ensino Superior - A3ES)
      Christian Eibl (Uni Augsburg)
    Universität N.N.
    Fachhochschule Vera Karner (HS Fulda)